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Almost Timely News

Your Help Please

This past week, tens of thousands of people died in a massive earthquake in Turkiye and Syria. Relief organizations have mounted an impressive response to extract as many survivors as possible, but now the long road to recovery begins, and our help is needed. Knowledgeable folks like my friend Berrak Sarikaya have vouched for these organizations as ones doing the work on the ground:

Please donate even as little as 5 or 10 Euros, dollars, pounds, etc. or whatever 100 Turkish Lira works out to in your nation if you can. Whether or not you can contribute, please use your voice to spread the word. You have a voice, no matter how big or small your network, and in times of great need, we all have an obligation to pitch in however we can.

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Almost Timely News: Avoiding Panic with Focus (2023-02-12)

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What’s On My Mind: Avert Panic With Focus

We’ve talked a lot recently about ChatGPT and SEO, about how organic search itself is going to fundamentally change in the very near future. A lot of folks have understandably reacted very strongly to the news, asking what they should do, what the consequences will be. The reality is, no one knows. We can make some very educated guesses about how people react based on how people generally react to massive technological change, but we cannot promise or guarantee any outcome.

What we can promise, what we can guarantee, is something that Amazon founder and former CEO Jeff Bezos advocated for, and it’s a sensible strategy: focus on what doesn’t change. What are the aspects of our behavior, of our customers’ behavior that won’t change no matter the technological intermediary?

At the most basic level, generally speaking, all consumers (and I include B2B and B2C here in the term consumer) want things to be better, faster, and cheaper. I know of no one in a position of responsibility, of decision-making who says “yes, you know, I think I’d like to pay more for absolutely no good reason”. That doesn’t happen. But people want to pay less all the time. People want things to be faster. People want things to be better. That doesn’t change.

Our biochemical brains don’t change, not really. We haven’t had significant hardware upgrades in millennia; the human being who walks the earth today isn’t substantially different than the human being who walked the earth 2,000 years ago or even 10,000 years ago. We are still motivated by base emotions like joy, anger, fear, sadness, and love. The mechanisms that we might use to express those emotions certainly differ now, but the driving forces themselves are the same.

Habits like word of mouth don’t change. We still talk to our friends, families, and colleagues about strong positive or negative experiences. We still rage at poor service or gush over exceptional experiences. The merchant at the bazaar in ancient Sumeria marketed with the same word of mouth we use today.

Where should our focus be, if we want to succeed in our marketing and our business? The same place it should have been all along: on making our customers as deliriously happy as we can, so that they are compelled to share their experiences with the wider world. Investing in things that make us remarkable in the literal sense – worthy of remark, as Seth Godin says.

If you have something that’s worth remarking on, it makes it a lot easier to do everything we’ve talked about. Word of mouth spreads, regardless of channel. People ask about your brand specifically. Ad costs go down a little as performance increases. People join your communities and stick around for the value you provide them.

Is this new? No. Is this revelatory? No. Is this insightful? No.

It’s obvious, isn’t it?

So why aren’t you doing it already?

When any new technological innovation comes out that has the potential to disrupt your marketing or your business, ask yourself first if it substantially changes the things that don’t change. Smartphones, for example, make it substantially easier for people to document their experiences, good and bad alike. They make word of mouth easier. The Internet opened up whole new channels for people to perform the exact same behaviors, just online.

As for AI-mediated experiences like ChatGPT? The jury’s still out, because people still generally prefer to deal with people. We’ll see how it all plays out, but if you remain laser focused on the things that don’t change and being actually remarkable, chances are you’ll weather the turbulent seas ahead better than your competitors who flail and drown.

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