Mind Readings: Conference Swag and Competence

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Mind Readings: Conference Swag and Competence

Conference swag should represent your brand in a positive way. Swag that is cheap or poorly made reflects poorly on your company.

Mind Readings: Conference Swag and Competence

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In this episode, let’s talk about conference swag just a little bit, not a full review, although we’ve done reviews about stuff like that in the past on here, but let’s talk about conference swag and what it says about your company.

If you’re going to exhibit at a conference, if you’re going to give stuff away, it should be reflective of your brand, right.

And it should emphasize the positive aspects of your brand that you want to highlight that you want to, to be in sync, right? So your conference swag, if you’re going to give it away, should reflect who you are as a company and what you’re all about.

So I’ll give you a couple of examples here.

Because I think that it’s, it’s an important thing to keep in mind.

So this is one from a company called, let’s sign it.

And they give away a certificate that says, you know, scan this card to get a charity gift card, which is pretty clever, because it allows you to you the recipient, to get a $10 charity gift card, you can donate to the charity of your choice, your choice.

So what does this say about this company, it says, this company, instead of spending money on some kind of tchotchke, that probably is going to end up in a landfill, they would like us to instead support other organizations, that’s a pretty cool idea.

And yet, of course, they still managed to get all the sales stuff in so the the message is not getting lost.

But I at least have an incentive to take this thing home and look at it first, before putting it in the recycling pile.

Now, if you’re going to give away stuff, again, the stuff should reflect your brand and what you want to say about it.

So let me give you an example.

This is a multi headed cable from Linode full disclosure client on my employer.

This is a USB A on one end, right here, which is the your your standard big old USB cut Jack.

And then three heads at this end, we have USB, a micro which is the little six pin micro USB.

We have a lightning cable for iPhones, and we have USB C connector.

These three pins are the ones most commonly used for connecting phones to things right.

So this is a technical piece of hardware.

It’s an it’s a heavy duty braided cable, it feels nice.

It seems very durable.

And so from a from a technology perspective, Linode is a technical company they do server hosting, among other things.

I use them for my email newsletter.

Remember disclosure client at my company.

This speaks well the company it says that, you know if they’re willing to invest because this is not an inexpensive cable, this is a pretty nice cable.

braided cables are generally more expensive.

This says that they are a tech, they feel like they are a technically competent organization that understands what somebody would value in technology, right? You want something that’s durable, you want something that is heavy duty, you want something that is really nice.

This one here is from a company called Media next and same general idea, right? This is USB, micro lightning and USBC.

And it’s got a little Winder reel.

Now this cable is a fairly thin cable, it’s thin, it’s rubber insulated, it’s got this little springy thing that sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t.

Cool idea, right? It’s it’s definitely fancy.

It’s definitely a little bit flashy, you can tell that it’s going to have durability problems over time, but in a pinch, it’ll do and certainly obviously it’s it’s not bad.

But again, the the spring and this, this wind is going to have some issues.

Now, this company, I’m not going to name names because I don’t want to shame people unnecessarily.

This is somebody, it’s a marketing technology company.

They’re given this way there’s a USB A, which is this yellow one here.

Then there is a micro USB, a mini USB six pin mini USB, which nobody uses anymore.

I’m sorry, and there’s two micro USB so there’s no lightning and no USB C.

This is from a technology company.

It’s definitely on the flimsy side.

These are thin rubber laminate cables, and there’s no USBC no lightning.

This was made by a company that decided to go with the cheapest possible option, right? This is kind of junk.

And I know this company, I know this company’s software

and it kind of reflects the company kind of a flex their software, their software is okay ish.

But it’s not great.

It’s not.

It’s troublesome to us it’s their support team was terrible when I worked with them a years ago.

And it’s funny how the conference swag represents and is really a symbol of how that company does business.

It’s, it’s not great.

So if you’re going to do swag, we’ve given you a couple of different examples here.

If you’ve got to do swag, do it in a way that reflects your company.

And it’s brand and the message that you want to send to somebody when they pick the thing up, you know, a week from an event a month, a year, this Linode cable.

I’ve been using this thing now for like six months.

It’s durable, it’s held up well.

And no surprise, my service with them as durable and has held up well.


Think about the message you’re sending to somebody.

And if you can’t commit to building conference swag that represents your brand.

Well, don’t do it.

You’re better off not doing something than doing it.

Doing it really poorly.

Anyway, that’s the news for today.

Thanks for tuning in.

Talk to you soon.

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