Mind Readings: Brand is Trust

The role of brand is to create trust. Brand is a series of experiences and the cumulative impact, and ultimately the outcome we’re after is trust. Thus every bit of marketing that touches branding MUST be about building trust for it to succeed in the big picture.


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In this episode, let’s talk about brand.

What is brand? The best definition I’ve heard is by a comedian named Jay Frank back in 2006.

He had a show back then, before YouTube shows and stuff before pot well was contemporaneous early podcasts.

But in one of the episodes of the show, which was called the show, he said brand is the emotional aftertaste of a series of experiences.

Brand is the emotional aftertaste of a series of experiences.

And that expression has stuck with me for the last 16 years is such a powerful statement.

He went on to say, that’s why you can sell grandma’s cookies, which has an emotional aftertaste.

And that old people’s cookies is the level about that 16 years later.

That’s brand new, there’s an emotional aftertaste.

So what is the role of brand? And what is the role of that emotional aftertaste.

We talked a lot about in marketing, branding, and brand campaigns and brand building and stuff.

But what does that actually mean? I would submit that the role of brand is to create trust.

Brand is a series of experiences.

That emotional aftertaste and the cumulative impact.

But the emotional aftertaste we’re after is trust affinity, right? Ultimately, a transaction, a sale revenue, a customer is a statement of trust, I open up my wallet and I give you money.

And I give you this money.

And you give me the service or this product.

Ultimately, I’m trusting you with this representation of my time and effort, right? These things.

Right, these things, oh, the fifth column calls them power coupons, which I think is a kind of a fun way of thinking about them.

But these things are your time, your knowledge, your effort, all condensed and flattened into a two dimensional object, mostly two dimensional object, right? This is your effort.

In the transaction in the sale, I am essentially saying I’m going to take this thing that is a representation of my hard work, and I’m going to give it to you.

I’m going to give it to you.

And in return, you’re going to give me something that is commensurate in value with this thing, right? If I give you this thing for a loaf of bread, right? This in the United States of America, this would be a very expensive loaf of bread, a loaf of bread is around three to 42 If it’s not very good bread.

And you can get some loaves of bread and the artisanal loaves of bread for like five or six or 7 depending on where you’re where you live and where you shop.

But 10 bucks would be a very expensive loaf of bread.

And so I’m trusting you that if I buy your artisanal, handmade, organic, non GMO loaf of bread, that the value I receive in return, the experience of eating your bread will be worth what I paid for it.

Right? I trust you.

And if I eat your loaf of bread, and it’s no better than the2 supermarket loaf of bread, then that trust is broken.

Your your product service did not live up to what I paid for it.

Now if that loaf of bread cost $1 instead of 10.

I would probably feel pretty good about right like Hey, I got the same quality as the supermarket but it was half the cost the supermarket I would feel happy instead of unhappy because the transaction was commensurate with a transaction was a better value.

So all sales is ultimately about trust a sale is an expression of trust.

A brand than is the echo of that trust, every experience that I have with a brand either reinforces the trust that the brand has or diminishes it.

Right, it reinforces or it diminishes the gaming company raise Sir, makes a lot of really good gear, right? This mouse that I use really, really nice mouse.

I have come to trust them for their gear.

I got the

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