You Ask, I Answer: Content Awareness vs Consumption?

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You Ask, I Answer: Content Awareness vs Consumption?

Ann asks, “Does it matter if people consume the content or is it enough for them to notice it?”

You Ask, I Answer: Content Awareness vs Consumption?

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In this episode and asks, Does it matter if people consume content? Or is it enough for them to simply notice it? I struggled with this question because my first gut instinct was, of course, they need to consume it if they don’t, what was the point? Right, because the whole point of content is to give value to the consumer of the content.

But it depends, I think it depends on the kind of content it is, knowing that exists, might be enough, in certain rare circumstances, you know, knowing that your favorite musician released a piece of content, a new song, might be enough for you to pay attention, for marketing, for what we do in marketing, I think it’s essential that people consume it because the point of content marketing is to provide value to somebody provide value to your audience.

And if nobody consumes it, if they just know it’s there, they’re not really getting any value out of it.

Imagine this video that you’re watching right now.

And you saw the little thumbnail on YouTube, you clicked on it, and maybe you saw it in the newsletter, whatever.

How much value would this video be? If you just saw the thumbnail, right? If you didn’t actually watch it or listen to it, I can’t think that it would have a whole lot of value to you, if you were just seeing it float by, right.

It really is about the consumption of the content.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to study it deeply.

It doesn’t mean you have to, you know, pour over that content for hours at a time.

But it does mean you should get some value out of that kind of content.

And if you don’t, I’m not sure what good it did.

Part of content marketing, if you do it well, is changing perception, right? From building brand awareness to persuasion, getting people to enter that you mentally in their consideration set when they’re it’s time to buy being part of the evaluation and ultimately purchase.

If the content doesn’t fulfill any of those functions, because people aren’t consuming it, it’s probably not all that good.

It’s probably not all that helpful.

So I would say yes, it very much matters most of the time for someone to actually consume the content that is being presented to them in order for them to get value out of it.

Now, here’s the twist.

If your content is so low value, and so empty and so selfish, that it doesn’t actually provide value to the audience.

It’s probably okay for your audience to just notice it, right? Because consuming is just going to waste their time.

They’re getting nothing out of it except a really long and uninteresting ad.

But that’s a strategic failure on the part of the person making the terrible content, right? Good content, yes, needs to be consumed to unlock its value, bad content.

You don’t need to consume it because it has no value to begin with.

Right? So it’s not going to it’s not going to move the needle anyway.

It’s just a waste of people’s time.

So how good is your content? How much value does your content provide? That is the answer to this question.

But whether it’s enough for people to see it or whether they actually need to consume it, good content needs to be consumed.

Good question.

Thanks for asking.

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