You Ask, I Answer: Link in Bio Solutions for Instagram?

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You Ask, I Answer: Link in Bio Solutions for Instagram?

Jake asks, “What’s your favorite “Instagram link in bio” platform? I tried LinkTree for a while and it seems like IG is starting to crack down on things like that.”

Generally speaking, I prefer to roll my own when it comes to stuff like this. You have more control over it, especially the output, and you don’t have to worry about a service being discontinued or raising its prices 10x overnight. All you need is a regular responsive webpage.

You Ask, I Answer: Link in Bio Solutions for Instagram?

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In today’s episode Jake asks, What’s your favorite Instagram Lincoln bio platform.

I tried link tree for a while and it seems like Instagram is starting to crack down on things like that.

Generally speaking, for simple services where there’s relatively low complexity, you’re better off having your own, you’re better off having your own service that is under your control that you can tune and do as little as much as you like, and is not reliant on the third party.

One of the great challenges we face in marketing right now is the crazy explosion of point solutions for pretty much everything.

My friend Scott Brinker creates this landscape called the mahr tech 5000 was named that three years ago when it had 5000 different marketing technology solutions this year 8000 among them, things like you know, the various Lincoln bio solutions, which is fine.

But it always increases the complexity of your marketing technology stack.

If you can, if you have the capability, try rolling your own try building infrastructure that you have control of, if you have the capability to do so it reduces your costs.

And critically for basic stuff, it you don’t have to worry about a service provider vanishing overnight and then having to scramble to fix a bunch of things right? nor do you have to worry about a service provider saying, Well, you know what, we’re going to increase the cost 10 x now, which has happened to me, I had one provider that went from 25 a month for a particular technology service to500 a month.

And they said, Yeah, we’re doing this because, uh, you know, whatever the reason wasn’t, you know, it’s fine as their rights, their software they have the right to do that.

I have the right to not be there.

customer and I’m like, Alright, I’m going to a different solution, I’m going to an open source solution that I host on my own servers because I don’t want to pay that much money for this particular service.

Same with a link shortener.

I was doing some work with a popular link shortening platform and it the pricing on it just went through the roof.

And I was like, You know what, I’m gonna use an open source package and and run my own server and then I don’t have to pay any money other than the hosting for the server.

And I can do as much as I want there’s no limits.

So, that is the approach I tried to take whenever is practical to do so if there are either pieces of code you can write yourself or open source packages that you can swap in for proprietary packages.

You will save your company a lot of money and you will give yourself the reassurance that the service the function is one that is under your control.

So let’s look at the Instagram Lincoln bow page, I’m gonna bring switches over here, this is a very simple piece of code.

And all it is, is it has the URL that you change, but the Lincoln bio, and then some Google Analytics tags, because one of the things that people like about services like, you know, the link to use the world is they get analytics on it.

Well, I like analytics, too.

I like analytics more if it’s in an interface that everyone’s familiar with, like Google Analytics.

So in this case, I have it set up so that it sends essentially, link click data to my Google Analytics installed, so that I can go in and look and see, you know, track with the sources, the mediums campaign codes, and I don’t have to append that to the URL, and it does the thing and sends it off to Instagram.

What does it look like? What does the code actually look like? The the Lincoln bio part that is the link on Instagram as one URL on the web server and then it goes to a page that looks like this, where for those of you who use link tree looks real simple, right? This is just a WordPress page, it’s just a page on the company website.

Nothing fancy, nothing special.

Just got a little bit styling to make it look like a link tree.

And it works great.

It gets people exactly where I want them.

And this is a page that you can maintain in WordPress.

So if this is going to be like the permanent page on your link on your, your Lincoln bio, then guess what this This fulfills the function.

So if you don’t care about the virtual clicks on the Instagram link itself, put a page like this on your WordPress, install, write, style it a little bit, and then use this as your Lincoln bio and then it’s just another page you maintain on your website.

It keeps things simple, and keeps things clean.

It is under your control.

And if you’re as long as your template is responsive, like this one here.

It makes it so easy for people to find the resources that you want them to have and bonus If it’s a regular web page that’s responsive, you can change other parts of this.

You can do a B testing on it, you can do a bunch of things that you can’t do with link tree.

You can’t A B test different offers on link tree.

You can’t swap around the order the buttons and do all these things.

Or if you can, I, I’ve used link tree once.

I don’t know if these are paid features and up.

Why pay.

It’s a web page that you run on your website, you use Google Optimize, to do the A B testing.

And now you’ve got all the marketing technology facilities you could possibly want.

on a web page.

You have your Google Analytics running on here so you can see the traffic to this page.

You have Google optimized for a B testing if Google Tag Manager so you can track and cookie and run campaigns promotions to this page.

You could use this page in your Facebook ads.

Keep it simple, keep things as simple as possible.

That’s the solution I recommend.

When we’re possible.

Keep it in house.

Even if there’s nothing more than a simple web page, and do it yourself.

Now that link redirected I was talking about is not an essential part, you can just have the page itself.

And that’s the link that goes in your bio.

And you just adjust this as you need to.

If you want the link redirector for the extra analytics, that’s something else you have to code, but it’s not a deal breaker, right.

And it’s just additional data.

So that’s a solution I would recommend.

Are there other services that do what LinkedIn does? Yes, of course there are.

Do you need to pay them? I personally don’t think so.

So if you have follow up questions about this, feel free to ask in the comments box below.

But again, keep it simple.

Use your existing content platform.

What makes this page useful is it’s just a bunch of CSS.

It’s just you know, standard design stuff, nothing fancy no additional plugins, you can just put it right in the HTML on your web page.

Looks great.

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I’ll talk to you soon take care.

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  1. This is amazing as always. The last piece of the puzzle as it were, for several sites I’m partnered with.

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