Solicited Review: What’s New in Camtasia 2020 For Marketers

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Solicited Review: What's New in Camtasia 2020 For Marketers

Camtasia 2020 is out, and it’s got some more polish to help marketers get their jobs done faster.

  • Shared templates
  • Favorites
  • Presets and themes
  • Pre-built templates
  • Packages
  • Magnetic tracks
  • Ripple cuts and deletes

Things not in the box but you probably want:

  • Free assets from Techsmith
  • FFMPEG converter
  • Termdown or other simple countdown

Get a free trial from today.

Disclosure: this is a solicited review, and any purchase you make benefits my company, Trust Insights, which in turn benefits me financially.

Solicited Review: What's New in Camtasia 2020 For Marketers

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In today’s episode we are reviewing Camtasia, the new Camtasia 2020 from techsmith.

This is the most recent version of the software if you’re unfamiliar with it.

Camtasia is a video editor.

He is a video editor.

It’s optimized for eLearning for presentations for doing stuff that would take a lot longer in software like Adobe Premiere, for example.

Camtasia strengths are all about getting things up and running easily so that you can get video produced faster.

We’re not going to cover the basics, the basics, just know that it can take in a fair number of video sources has cameras, it has the ability to record your screen and screencast as the ability to take in decent audio sources.

Let’s talk about what’s new in Camtasia 20 21st thing that’s new.

These are templates so 10 templates, the ability to share templates is huge for marketers in particular, because we have to do things like adhere to style guides.

And if we can hand a pre package template to a team member to a vendor and say, here’s the things I need you to do your agency, whatever, it greatly simplifies the process and makes it a whole lot easier for for us to be able to get what we want.

So from here, for example, we would save this project as a template.

We’ll call it test.

We’ve had one name that already Yep, yes, place existing template.

And then if I wanted to, I could then take that template, share it or create a new project from it.

And there’s my test template that has all the pieces from this existing thing.

I’ve got my titles, I’ve got my background music.

In here, in these templates, you can also add things like placeholders so you can drop a placeholder there.

So if you’ve got instructions for a, an agency like, hey, I need you to put this meat here, you can actually name these placeholder slots.

Put silly.

Here, please.

And that will give great instructions to people to say like, here’s what you’re supposed to do so vague, good for any kind of process oriented shop where you want to get stuff done quickly.

Second, if you’ve ever used Camtasia, you know, there’s a lot of menus in here.

There’s a lot a lot of menus.

One of the nice new things in here is the ability to take any thing and click Start and turn into a favorite and then instead of having to go through 12, or 13, menus, you have everything you need that you use frequently in one spot.

So you can see I use certain annotation type.

I have my fades, my cursor highlights, audio compression, all the things the basics that I need.

So I don’t have to keep jumping around menus for daily shows like you ask I answer very straightforward presets.

Some themes are also really nice.

So one of the things that you can do here is, if I have a certain font that’s part of my style, like corporate style, I can add that font to my theme.

And then when I look at my theme, let’s go to the default theme here.

This is the Trust Insights.

Once I’ve got my fonts preset, I’ve got my logo preset, again, keeping it simple, making it easy for me to stay on style, which again, huge.

Even if you don’t have a corporate style guide, you have to adhere to just having those presets in place saves you a ton of time.

There are if you hadn’t noticed when I do new project from template, also plenty of existing themes, you know, tutorials screencasts that will both help you learn it and also if you just want to get up and running quickly.

Let’s do a this new template here didn’t work as expected.

Others and you can See where the app going.

There we can see there’s all sorts of different placeholders to help somebody learn just how to use the software appropriately, putting the appropriate media, the overlays the things that you want.

Again, if you don’t have existing templates, this is a great way to get up and running quickly.

Let’s go ahead and move on to the next thing packages.

Again, this is for those of us who work with coworkers who work with agencies.

The ability to take our templates or themes are libraries are any shortcuts are presets and export them all as one single package that we can then hand to a co worker and agency etc.

super helpful for getting up and running quickly.

Some other things I think are really handy.

And this is going to come into play for anybody who’s doing any kind of slides, or any kind of presentations where you want seamless video, there’s a new thing called magnetic tracks, so they turn on a magnetic track here.

What a magnetic track does is take a video clip here, I take this video clip, I just drag it on the track and it snaps it all the way to the left.

Take Take another one clip here.

And again, this is very helpful if I just want to get things glued together quickly.

If I’ve got five or six pieces of video, as well snap them together, I drag them in.

If I delete one of these clips, everything auto ripples to the left.

Which again, if you don’t want gaps between clips that then screw up your transitions.

It’s a great thing to do.

Turn that trap off.

One other thing that I like a lot is ripple cut and Ripple Delete.

So if I select this here and I Ripple Delete, it will essentially take away stuff from the timeline in that space and move the timeline to the left which is If you’ve got 40 slides in a presentation that you’re trying to put together and you delete one of them, you don’t want to then have to go and drag all you know 15 on the right hand side.

to snap them together, you can use either magnetic track or ripple cuts and deletes to glue stuff together.

So big time saver for making sure your presentations look okay.

Now, some things that are not in the box that are either useful or should be in the box.

Number one is if you get the the free account on TechSmith website, you then get access to libraries of motion graphics and can see here there’s all sorts of fun little things, transitions and stuff that if you want to use these presets, you can find lots and lots of goodies.

They have intros, outros graphics presets, trying to figure out remember what other stock footage you can pay for that.

There is a subscription you can buy.

I typically have not I have just gotten For the free stuff that’s available.

I like motion backgrounds a lot, you’ll see some of these exits, you’ll see many of these in some of the videos that I do.

So that’s helpful to things that are not in the box that I wish were number one is a converter for FFmpeg.

So if you’re not familiar, FFmpeg is an open source tool that takes pretty much any media format and converts it to any other media format.

When you download stuff from like, say, YouTube, you’re going to get videos in unusual formats, web m mkv, etc.

Camtasia can’t import those.

It doesn’t know what to do with them, because in a lot of cases, they’re they’re really wacky, weird formats.

So one of the tools you would need to do it use is a tool called FFmpeg and go to the desktop here.

If I type in FFmpeg and I want to take any existing file from you know, mp4 or mkv.

I can turn it to an mp4 file which is what Camtasia ingests.

by native natively, and, and Bill and convert that so that’s something that you’ll want to add.

FFmpeg is free, it’s open source, but it is at the command line.

So there’s a little bit of a learning curve.

Second thing that I wish was in the box that isn’t, there’s no countdown counter on the video record and I wish there was I use one called term down, which is just in a little terminal window.

There’s a gazillion and a half apps.

This helps keep us on track for things like how long should this video because some formats like LinkedIn 10 minutes is the max you don’t want to go over that.

So that’s Camtasia 2020 in a nutshell, you can get a free trial from dot AI slash Camtasia disclosure This is a solicited review a purchase you make benefits my company Trust Insights, which in turn benefits me financially if you have follow up questions leave them in the comments box below.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel on the newsletter I’ll talk to you soon take care want help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems.

This is Trust today and let us know how we can help you

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