You Ask, I Answer: Leveraging Senior Executives for Content Marketing?

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You Ask, I Answer: Leveraging Senior Executives for Content Marketing?

Sandra asks, “How do I leverage senior leaders from our company, many of whom aren’t social or digital media savvy and pressed for time, for content marketing?”

There are a few ways to handle this for maximum benefit to your company and minimum inconvenience; for leaders who want to really jump in, folks like T-Mobile’s John Legere are a great template. For others, Bill Marriott (of the Marriott hotel chain) are a good example. In today’s world, video is king, so start there. Watch the video for full details.

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You Ask, I Answer: Leveraging Senior Executives for Content Marketing?

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In today’s video, Sondra asks, How do I leverage the senior leaders from our company, many of whom are not socially or digital media savvy, and pressed for time doing, you know, leadership things for content marketing? This is a great question.

It’s a very common question, especially in the public relations space, because what tends to happen is you’ll get some initial interest to somebody read something on an airline magazine, right, or a leadership showcase piece in Harvard Business Review.

And then we gotta do this.

And then a week later, they’re like, pretty busy.

And so there are a couple different ways to handle this now.

For the leaders who really want to jump in a really good template for that is the work that john ledger at the CEO of T Mobile does, he is all in all the time.

And for him, that’s his thing, like he’s responding on Twitter.

And he’s got the team that helps respond on Twitter to monitor it.

He is creating content like crazy, he built a cooking show, slow cooker Sundays, on Facebook Live and variety of other platforms, because that’s just the kind of thing that that fits his personality.

So part of that is determining if any of your executives have the kind of personality where they do want to be all in what they do want to have exposure to their personal brand, and they’re willing to put in a lot of time for it.

If I had to guess, based on what I can see and what I have known from working with TMobile in the past.

For john ledger, it’s probably about eight hours a week, which for a CEO of a major corporation is he heck of a lot of time.

Probably a better model to look at would be the way that bill Marriott and his team do it at the at the Marriott hotel chain.

Bill is more see you’re executive.

And he’s not technologically savvy at all.

But what his team has figured out to do is to have him leave, he leaves them voicemails when he’s on the road when he’s traveling or whatever.

And the team takes those transcribes them and turns them into the written content.

And so they’re able to make use of his experience and his points of view without making him do a whole lot of work.

And for him leaving a voicemail as he’s you know, wandering through an airport or whatever is a great use of his time.

In today’s world video is king.

So I would start with video.

And the way I would do that is do it as q amp a sessions with your executives, depending on how many of them there are, there’s typically in you know, any given company has two or three at least bring a smartphone, because it’s a decent camera.

These days, most phones, if it’s a phone that’s less than a year old, it’s probably got a pretty good camera, bring a real good microphone for that smartphone or alternately, a pocket digital recorder something like this.

And you know, you literally park it right in front of the executive just below them.

There are inexpensive microphones you can use as well.

And what you want to do is you want to record video q amp a with that executive about your industry.

So if you are, you know, industrial plastics, for example, and what are some of the major issues that are happening in the industry right now? How is the company approaching sustainability, you’ll want to come up with a list of questions and get them to the executives or their assistants or whoever, in advance to vet them and to make sure we’re not going to answer that one.

You know, I can an industrial plastics company, like Now, we know that this products destroying the environment, but we’re not going to talk about that because we don’t have a plan to address it yet.

So you’ll want to have those list of questions, and then do 30 minutes of q&a, maybe do one interview a month with the executive it is to say like yeah, it’s another 30 minute meeting on the calendar.

We’re going to record it, just go go straight through.

And then what you’ve got is a piece of gold there that uses what we call a trusted insights.

The transmedia framework.

So you take a piece of video.

And now that piece of video, you you split out the audio, guess what now you’ve got audio that you can chop up into podcasts.

Take that video, chop that up.

Now you’ve got little things for Instagram stories or your Instagram newsfeed.

You’ve got video for YouTube, that you can split up you can put headers and footers and you can do the intros and outros explain like Elena In today’s video, we’re talking about industrial plastics.

Then you can take the mp3 file and send it to a transcription service, I use o tt

And it will transcribe your audio and turn it into written raw content.

And then you’ll take that, edit that slice that up, that becomes blog post, that becomes email newsletter content, if you’re really blessed to have executives who like to talk a lot and and say things that are valuable.

Yeah, you can even potentially take all the transcripts and bundle them together as an E book or white paper or things like that.

And by doing this, that one video becomes many, many pieces of content that you can use, that you can promote that you can load up with keywords and things, and really build out a huge library of valuable content that’s on topic on brand in the voice of the people who are speaking it.

And it’s them, especially in the videos, you know, you can assure that like, Look, we’re not going to post the whole thing on on cut unless they want to.

But more than anything, we’re going to post the chunks, the one or two minute chunks so that people can hear out.

These folks really know what they’re talking about.

They seem to know their business pretty well.

What kinds of questions you want, ask questions that your customers are asking.

So go into your customer service inbox, go into your comments on social media, go into the industry forum for your industry on Reddit, pull out questions that people actually have, and then get your executives point of view on how to on how those questions should be answered.

So for example, in in machine learning, I answer questions all the time.

Some of them are in in these videos.

Some of them are newsletters and stuff, but we know the questions people are going to ask we know the questions that people want to know more about.

answer those questions.

And that way you and your executives never run out of content, right? You never ever run out of content.

If you just say hey, we’re going to shoot a video as one and then you’re like, we don’t know what to shoot, you know, that’s going to frustrate executives pretty quickly.

If you say hey, these are the top 20 questions that our customers have asked us how you want to answer them.

That’s interesting to an executive and it even has a side benefit of helping the executive become more customer focused than they already are.

Because they’re literally hearing the voice of the customer.

So make sure that you’re pulling your these questions from real customers that have the have in the have a need for answers and that you have the answers for them.

So that’s my recommendation for how you would leverage senior leaders for your company video them 130 minute meeting per month per executive do it separately do not do it in a group unless they don’t tell you to give them the option of also things like voicemails if they want you know or mp3 recordings, voice memos, whatever if they want to do that and base it all on what customers asking so that you never run out of content.

If you have follow up questions, leave them below.

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