You Ask, I Answer: How to Take Marketing to the Next Level?

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You Ask, I Answer_ How to Take Marketing to the Next Level_

Mark asked, “I have a great team and we do a lot of things right. What do we need to do to take things to the next level?”

One of the things marketers – and business people in general – do wrong is assume that having the right team is enough. It’s absolutely vital, but it’s only one of the things that separates great marketing from good or average. The thing marketers most often do wrong? Not having a great plan in place, a plan based on time. I liken this to an orchestra lacking a score. It doesn’t matter how talented the players are or how skilled the conductor is if the score is missing.

This is why descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analytics are so critical. Analytics helps you create the score from which you play the symphony of marketing.

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You Ask, I Answer: How to Take Marketing to the Next Level?

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On today’s you asked I answer a question from a dinner last night by Mark

who asked,

we’ve got all these great

individual components, you know, this program is working well this campaigns working on this channel is working well this person’s working well what do we need to do in order to take our marketing to the next level. The answer to this question is

very much like a symphony orchestra right so you could have a great first violin a great drum and a

great cello and stuff. But what makes an orchestra work. What makes a symphony play well it’s not just the individual players and it’s not even just the conductor when you think about it, it is the score and what is the key component of a musical score of sheet music.

The most important thing. The thing

that defines a score is actually time right it is how time works

with the right people doing the right things at the right time is what creates that you know Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, as opposed to just a bunch of noise when you have people who just do things and there’s no coordination. There’s no time there’s no there’s no time as the foundation, then you get a mess. Right. Same thing is true in professional sports are the right people it in the right place at the right time. If the quarterback is throwing the ball and the receivers in the wrong part of the field because the right path field but the wrong time. The play Mrs right and and and bad things happen, same was true and cooking again cooking is all about time. Yes, the ingredients absolutely matter good in Greece will get you about an outcome. But if you don’t follow the recipe and the recipes defined by the steps you need to take over time things break. That’s one of the reasons why descriptive and diagnostic and predictive analytics are so important because they’re all about time they’re all about how to make things how to know what happened. And when and then predict forward. Okay, what’s likely to happen so we can plan ahead and coordinate and orchestrate and score our marketing as though it were a symphony or a football game or a recipe we need to understand time and we need to have that musical score written down

and defined in order to generate the best possible results. If we have great players.

That’s a good start. That’s important because you can’t have a a world class Symphony with a bunch of three year olds, you know, hammering away on their on the Fisher Price instruments. It’s cute but it’s not what you’re looking for. It’s not the outcome you want

so you gotta have the right players and you’ve got to have a good conductor someone who can help bring time to life. They will literally be out there just yo timing and coordinating it so you need that project manager. The someone who can who can provide the governance, the oversight and keep things on the rails. But at the end of the day, if the if you have the conductor of the orchestra and you have the orchestra, but you don’t have the sheet music, you don’t have the score. It’s not going to go very well

it’s not going to go very well at all. So that’s what

you need as a marketer and Frank is any kind of business person to take your company to the next level. What, what can you do to lift things up to make things more impactful you need that musical score

to conduct your orchestra by if you don’t have that

make that priority one for what you need to do next in order to get to that next level, a great question as part of a much larger conversation about what’s working and what’s not working in marketing and what’s not working in marketing as a whole bunch of people are just kind of winging it being very reactive instead of having that musical score to play from looking forward to today gonna be speaking about AI and marketing of course machines have time built into them, so it’s it’s a question of coordinating machines on on the same musical score. But knowing that they can generally do the they can do the playing of the music pretty well so that will be today’s talk and we’ll be publishing that on the Trust Insights website, assuming that the recording doesn’t like sound like garbage

or I don’t say something really stupid will publish that on the break just insights website. So as always great question. I post on Twitter and LinkedIn. The other day. What questions do you have that you want me to answer if you got questions please leave them in the comments email them. There’s a link in the comments that will take you to a page, we can write your question in just tweet at me, hit me up on LinkedIn. Let me know what questions you have about marketing about data about analytics that I can answer so that we can continue to have great conversations like this. Thanks for watching. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and the newsletter and I’ll talk to you soon.

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