You Ask, I Answer: How to Learn Marketing Automation

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You Ask, I Answer_ How to Learn Marketing Automation

Seth asks, “How do you gain experience with automation software (Marketo/HubSpot/etc.) when it’s not part of your job, and there aren’t any free versions to build tests from? Or are there? Thanks!”

Great question! There ARE some free and very low cost solutions you can use to teach yourself marketing automation.

If you’re completely new to marketing automation, I recommend Hubspot’s demo account and Hubspot Academy.

If you’ve got marketing automation experience or have mastered everything Hubspot offers without paying for it, I recommend installing and learning the open-source package Mautic.

Hubspot is easy. Self-hosted, open-source Mautic is painfully hard. Once you master the two, there’s no marketing automation system you can’t conquer.

Watch the video for details and what proves you’re a true marketing technologist.

You Ask, I Answer: How to Learn Marketing Automation

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In today’s you ask I answer Seth asks, How do you gain experience with marketing automation software like Marquette oh and HubSpot when it’s not part of your job and there aren’t any free versions to build tests. From where are there. Thanks. Great question. Seth there actually are a couple of either free or very low cost marketing automation solutions, you can use to teach yourself marketing automation, the first place I would start if you’re brand new to marketing automation. You haven’t had any exposure to it would actually be HubSpot so HubSpot in its Academy. If you go to Academy that HubSpot dot com has a completely free version of their software and you actually sign up for that free demo account as part of the training courses and things so you get a chance to use some of the different features.

Some of them are locked out because obviously you’re not a paying customer, but the basics are there and enough to complete the training.

You can even use that demo account in production. So if you have a personal blog. For example,

you can go ahead and install your HubSpot marketing automation CRM software

in your personal blog and at least get a chance to see how it works. It will probably be you filling out your forms and you know the test forms stuff and that way you can get experienced with things like segmentation and lead scoring actually no lead scoring is paid feature in public

and so on and so forth and so that’s one option that I think that’s a great option if you are a an absolute beginner at marketing automation, that’s a great place to start because going through HubSpot Academy will give you all the basics you need it is I would say it is as important today as Google’s analytics Academy is for loving the analytic side for learning marketing automation CRM HubSpot Academy is the way to go

next it once you’ve got the basics down and you want to try all the features and you don’t want to pay for it or you can’t pay for it because it’s not cheap.

I would use the self hosted version of a package called Ma Ma UTI seen a link in the show notes mark in the self hosted not the cloud hosted do it for me version, but the self hosted download the open source software install it on my server version give you full access to all the features contexts going lead scoring workflows segmentation, you know, emails, social and stuff like that.

It is free. Besides, whatever your server hosting costs are for

demonstration purposes I would use the melodic bit Nami Google Cloud version which is will run you like four bucks a month. It is a pain to use is a pain

to set up things go wrong all the time on the back end,

which means that if you

successfully deployed successfully running keep it running for like six months or more just on your on your on your personal website or something like that and you send that and you use it for the basis of an email newsletter that you send to people who read your blog, even if it’s only two people. It’s still fine,

you will gain so much valuable knowledge and be a a really a proven marketing technologist, if you can get the thing


would say if I saw somebody profile like yo successfully deployed and installed self hosted model for a year and got you know even halfway decent results. I’d be like, Okay, this person clearly knows what they’re talking about. Because that package

breaks so many ways,

but it’s inexpensive. That’s the thing. So for like a non profit, for example, Monique is a good choice because if you have someone on staff who’s technical because you’re going to pay five bucks a month for it, which is great. It’s just, it breaks a lot. So

there’s a reason why the why cloud hosting and all this stuff is is so popular now because nobody wants to work anymore. So that’s the other package I would learn from and between HubSpot and model they cover all the major features are marketing automation again contacts components segmentation workflows all the different channels leads going and point assignment sinking sinking with your CRM and those two things combined will let you understand the architecture and the key

concepts of marketing automation and once you’ve got those then if somebody drops you into Marcato or eloquent or par dot

you’ll have to learn the nuances of those little pack of those packages, but for the most part, you’ll, you’ll have an idea of what what it’s called. Right. You won’t be just completely blind. So that’s where I would go I would start with HubSpot learn and become competent at HubSpot but the demo account and then when you’ve reached the extent of all the features that you can use for free. That was, but then take the plunge go into doing self hosted model and get

the experience of the rest of the features that HubSpot doesn’t let you use for free.

You’ll be off and running. And again, like I said, it is a badge of honor. If you can get it running and keep it running for six months

on the self hosted version you have proven that you are truly a marketing technologist. Great question. Seth. Thanks for asking. As always please subscribe to the newsletter and the YouTube channel and I’ll talk to you soon. Take care.

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