Testing Microphones for the iPhone X

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Testing Microphones for the iPhone X 1

I’ve been working with much more video lately and had a question I needed an answer to – what microphones generate the best quality audio when I’m filming on my iPhone X? I had these microphones available to test:

Let’s listen in on the different mics to find the best one for video given the options. Obviously, there are a ton of different microphones we could test, but these are the ones on hand.

iPhone X Microphone Tests – Wired and Bluetooth Mic Roundup

The V-Moda wins by a large margin. In many ways, this is no surprise; the microphone is more directed and closer; the only surprise was just how poor the mic quality is on the David Clark headset.

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One response to “Testing Microphones for the iPhone X”

  1. Hi, Christopher.

    Thanks for the video. It is very informative.

    I was considering the David Clark HBT-30 headset for video conferencing. I like the look of them and David Clark has a great reputation for quality and high-performance noise cancellation. I was kind of disappointed with the sound you got from its microphone. Like you said, it sounds like you’re a pilot, which I guess makes sense given it is an aviation headset.

    I am looking for a headset that has two-ear noise cancellation (cans as opposed to buds) and a good mic that primarily only picks up my voice. The other thing I would like is sidetone so I can hear my own voice when I talk. I have trouble controlling my own volume when I can’t hear my voice through the noise cancelling ear pieces.

    Does the V-Moda mic have that? I have a good pair of Skullcandy headphones I could inline that mic with.


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