Marketing Data Science and the CDO: IBM CDO Summit Preview

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Marketing Data Science and the CDO- IBM CDO Summit Preview

This week, I have the pleasure and privilege to speak at the IBM CDO Summit in Boston. I’ll be co-presenting with one of the true leaders and innovators in our field, Dr. Victor S. Y. Lo, who pioneered uplift analysis in the early days of digital marketing.

What We’ll Be Addressing

We see three problems worth discussing for CDOs who are responsible for enterprise integration, including marketing technology. The first challenge marketers and CDOs face is true attribution. How does data science play a role in attribution analysis? We’ll also briefly tackle data governance in marketing, since so many marketers tend to use third-party systems and tools.

The second challenge we face is true omni-channel marketing. For many marketers – myself included – omni-channel is overweighted to digital marketing because digital is the easiest to measure. Yet we know that word of mouth and offline methods still play a vital role. How do we truly measure lift in a rigorous, repeatable way?

The third challenge we face is addressing appropriate uses of machine learning in marketing. We know the major problems marketing faces, the same problems that the enterprise as a whole face:

  • Volume of data: more every day
  • Variety of data: structured and unstructured alike
  • Veracity of data: as the scale of data increases, so does incompleteness and corruption
  • Velocity of data: volume increases challenge us by increasing the speed at which data floods our systems

Where will machine learning take marketing?

See You At the Summit!

I hope to see you there. Bring questions about any of the above topics to the Marketing and Machine Learning session! If you can’t be there, follow #IBMCDO on Twitter on October 24-25.

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