Predicting the future of analytics with IBM Watson Analytics

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Last year I had the privilege to attend IBM’s Analytics for All event featuring one of my favorite products, Watson Analytics. As one of a dozen IBM Futurists, we were asked for our perspective on analytics trends. Here’s what Valdis Krebs and I shared:

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My prediction about machine to machine communication lacked one critical point. To cope with our new flood of data, we also need the help of machines. We can’t process the data we have now as humans, much less future volumes of data. Innovation in analytics will partly come from better analytics tools for humans, but also from better artificial intelligence-based analytics.

Disclosure: I was invited to be an IBM Futurist and attend the Analytics for All without cost. IBM paid for my travel and expenses. IBM has not compensated me to write about Watson Analytics. I am a paying customer of Watson Analytics.

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