Top Marketing Trends of 2016: Traditional Digital Marketing Methods

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In this multi-part series, we’ll look at upcoming trends in marketing in 2016 you should be prepared to address. Today, we’re looking at our stalwart marketing methods and how they’re faring.

Some digital marketing methods are as old as the Internet itself. Search engine optimization, or SEO, has been around since the first search engine in the late 1990s. Email marketing is arguably older than that. How will these traditional methods fare in the upcoming year? Let’s look at the chart!


Our traditional methods aren’t going anywhere. Above, I’ve charted out 5 topics using Google Trends.

  • The blue line represents email marketing. Email is the ultimate reliable trend – steady since 2005.
  • The red dotted line represents the topic of SEO. SEO commands the highest share of attention.
  • The yellow dotted line represents the topic of affiliate marketing. After a decline in the late 2000s, affiliate marketing has remained a stable field of interest.
  • The green line represents display advertising, or visual ads. Very few people search for it.
  • The purple dotted line represents Google’s AdWords product. AdWords peaked in 2012/2013 but still remains a huge interest of marketers.

Why do Google Trends matter? Trends charts out searches over time. The more people search for something, the more interested people are in that topic. For example, our fellow marketers are likely the ones doing most of these searches. If our profession has started to search less about affiliate marketing, we might have started to give up on the field. We might also call it something different.

What do the above trends mean? Search as a whole, when you combine AdWords and SEO, is the dominant channel marketers are curious about. We want to be found. We know our audiences are looking for us.

The greater point is, when you read an article proclaiming any of these marketing methods dead, take that article with a very large grain of salt. These methods are still relevant, still useful. The details of what SEO is or how SEO works change daily, but the desire to be found is constant. Affiliate marketing has far more regulation today than it did 10 years ago, but affiliate marketing still works.

It’s interesting to note how SEO and AdWords march in lockstep together. As each rises or falls, so does the other. We can conclude that marketers are likely trying to do both.

I do want to point out the rock solid steadiness of email marketing, the blue line above. Email has been proclaimed dead every year, yet email marketing still works. In fact, it works better today than it has in years past; some analysts believe the spammers have switched gears to social media marketing instead, cleaning up email marketing as an industry. Whether that’s true remains to be seen, but we can safely ignore any claims about email being dead. What’s changed over the last 10 years is how we consume email: on our smartphones.


What else do we do on our smartphones? We search the web. We use social media. We text. Is it any wonder our stalwart marketing methods still generate results, when our usage of the Internet on our phones still intersects with these methods?

For traditional digital marketing methods, where should you be planning your 2016 focus?

  • SEO requires your attention. Learn what’s changed and what you must do to keep up.
  • AdWords should be a key part of your overall mix.
  • Email marketing isn’t going anywhere. Become expert in its use.
  • Affiliate marketing may make sense for your business. If it does, master it.
  • If you have the budget and skills, display advertising should be part of the mix, but not a huge portion.

You now have a clear idea of what’s important in 2016. You’ve read about traditional methods that still generate results. You know which new methods to bet on and which to be cautious. You’ve learned about Accelerated Mobile Pages, Virtual Reality, and machine learning. Go make some marketing magic in 2016!

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