Never sell with your best stuff

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I never sell with my best stuff.

By that, I mean that I don’t use my best stuff, my best thinking, the height of my capabilities for sales calls. Sales pitches, prospective customers? They generally get my second-best stuff.

Who gets the best stuff?

Current customers.
Current clients.
Premium members.
My tribe.

Two reason why. First, have you ever been in a situation where you see a deal announced by your current vendor/provider and it says New Customers Only? Doesn’t that infuriate you? You see the deal and you say, “But I’ve been a loyal customer for months/years/decades! Why don’t you reward loyalty?” In time, with enough snubbing from your current provider and enough wooing from a new one, you switch.

When everyone does that, we train our customers to be disloyal. We train our customers to always be looking for a better deal. It’s like the person at a party who is always looking over your shoulder for someone more interesting to talk to. Wouldn’t you rather be the most interesting person? Wouldn’t you rather have your current customers eager to stay with you for the best deals, the best stuff?

Second, have you ever been to a movie where the first 15 minutes were awesome and then the rest of the movie was a letdown? If you sell with your best stuff, you’ve got nothing left to impress your new customer with. They’ve seen the highest quality, best goods you can put forward, and everything after that will be equal in quality and impressiveness at best, a letdown at worst.

I’d rather have a TV season start off lighter and then ramp up to “HOLY ****” moments as the story progresses. I’d rather have a meal that starts out pretty good and then the main course arrives and I’m blown away. Wouldn’t you rather have sales prospects be satisfied with the appetizers but amazed beyond belief once they become customers and get the main course?

That’s how you keep customers.

That’s how you build a referral business. When a customer talks to a friend, they’ll say, “Just wait till you become a customer, you’ll REALLY be amazed.”

By no means am I saying sell with crap. That’s just foolish. But don’t give away everything you’ve got to win a customer, only to let them down the moment after they sign on the dotted line.

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