How to set up special social tracking with subdomains

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If you’ve followed my social media updates for any amount of time, you’ve likely noticed I use a special welcome URL:


If you’ve got routinely-used static messages you want to accurately track in Google Analytics, one trick I use is to set up a subdomain with a redirect. Clicking on the welcome message URL takes you to a special page on my website.

Why would you set up tracking like this? What specific cases is this good for?

If you’ve got a static message (like a welcome page) that does not change, this is a good way to ensure you’re always using the correct analytics tags.

If you’ve got a URL you want to be memorable, a subdomain with tracking is a good idea.

If you’ve got different social media properties you want a consistent naming scheme for but you don’t have similar names (i.e. you have but, subdomains can clean everything up. For example, suppose you’re famous marketing author Jay Baer. Wouldn’t it be handy to have:


So that your fans have a common syntax for finding your work?

How do you set this up? First, use Google’s URL builder to construct a tracked URL:


Then, use your domain registrar to set up subdomains. I use GoDaddy (disclosure: client of my employer) to set up many different subdomains.


Here’s a rule of thumb: if you are redirecting a subdomain to a property you own, like your website, use a 301 permanent redirect. This tells Google, pass any SEO link love from the subdomain to the destination. If you are redirecting a subdomain to a property you don’t own, like a social media profile, use a 302 temporary redirect. This tells Google to withhold SEO link love from the destination:


If you have a need to re-use static messages and URL, need more memorable URLs, or have lots of different URLs and domains to unify under one common naming scheme, look into subdomain tracking. It can improve your analytics accuracy and reduce your need to memorize lots of different URLs.

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