2015 Year in Review: Blog Posts You Liked

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Nothing says the New Year’s season like looking back at the year that was. This week, I’ll be taking you on a tour of the year that was, 2015. Sit back, relax, and let’s see what you liked.

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

I chose the top 10 blog posts of 2015 based on the number of total pageviews in Google Analytics. There are many posts which got attention that I wrote in previous years, but I figured for the purposes of a 2015 retrospective, we should look at just the stuff that I wrote in 2015.

#10: What a Single Email Address Unlocks for Marketers. I wrote this post to help you understand the true value of an email address.

#9: Combine Bitly, Google Analytics, and Google Sheets for Winning Metrics Analysis: This post will teach you how to set up the beginnings of a true social media funnel.

#8: Why You Should Join My Marketing Technology Team at SHIFT: a post I wrote when I was hiring for a marketing analyst on my team. By the way, SHIFT is always hiring for exceptional people.

#7: How to Build a DIY Stop Motion Camera Rig: I love creating things with PVC piping. This post walks you through the instructions for a stop motion rig that uses your smart phone. Why pay hundreds of dollars when you can build your own for under 20 bucks?

#6: Is Your Site Mobile Friendly? Now Your SEO Depends on It: when Google announced its mobile friendly testing service, they telegraphed their intentions to make mobile SEO a driving factor in 2015.

#5: How to Download Your Facebook Archive: I don’t like having my data exists solely in the cloud. I wrote this post to help you download valuable conversations and data you’ve posted to Mr. Zuckerberg’s service.

#4: The Sunset of Keyword Based SEO: Keywords were once the most important data you managed in SEO. 2015 was the year that all changed.

#3: How to Track Offsite Conversions with Google Analytics: As an author with books on Amazon and other services, I needed a way to track inferred conversions. I wrote this post based on my experiences.

#2: Unsolicited Review: the Wacaco Minipresso GR: I bought a portable espresso machine in 2015. This was the review I wrote after owning it for a short time. I still stand by what I wrote.

#1: How to Manage Workflow with Sticky Notes: I shot a video describing how I use the Eisenhower Matrix for prioritizing work and turned into this blog post.

The above list proves that no matter what your domain of expertise, you can’t reliably predict what people are going to like. I would never have guessed that a portable espresso machine review would be my number two blog post for the year. I would never have guessed that Google Analytics, a topic I am passionate about, would only manage to claw its way to #9 in my list.

Tomorrow, let’s look at my top social posts of 2015, and then to round out the work week, we’ll look at some Top 10 digital marketing content from a variety of people from 2015.

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