If you hadn’t heard through other channels, I’m hiring on my Marketing Technology team at SHIFT Communications.

Join SHIFT's Marketing Technology Team!

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Why join my team? I’ll tell you why I joined SHIFT and see if the reasons resonate with you. At a conference in 2012, I had coffee one day with my friend Mitch Joel. Mitch very bluntly said to me that I was an idiot for working at a single company or brand, when agency life held so much more.

He was right. Take a look at this Map of the Marketing Universe:

Map of the Marketing Universe.png

(click here to download the PDF version)

When you work at a regular company, chances are you’ll get to learn and use maybe 5% of the items in this map of the marketing universe. You’ll surely get good at those items, but your horizons will still be narrowed to that particular company’s view of the marketing universe. For example, you might have a CMO who hates social media. Chances are you won’t get to do most social media, right?

When you work on SHIFT’s Marketing Technology team, you’ll get to dip your toes into many more of these areas because different clients have different needs. Different clients use different technologies, platforms, vendors, etc. You’ll become a more complete, more capable marketer:

  • B2B marketing? Sure.
  • B2C marketing? Yes.
  • B2B2C marketing? That too.
  • eCommerce? Yes.
  • Marketing Automation? Definitely.
  • Big Data? We’re using it.

Working on SHIFT’s Marketing Technology team is like a graduate school education in marketing, only instead of you paying the school, the school pays you.

Now, my team isn’t for everyone:

  • If you don’t like change, agency life is definitely not for you. (arguably marketing in general isn’t for you either)
  • If you aren’t a self-motivated learner, agency life is not for you.
  • If you can’t quickly switch mental contexts from one client’s needs to the next, agency life is not for you.
  • If you aren’t organized, if you are easily distracted, if you don’t like working hard, then agency life is not for you.

So, with that balanced view, I’ll straight up ask you, are you ready to join the team? If so, here are the roles I’m hiring for. Click to apply:

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