I’m speaking today at the Salesforce Connections event in New York City with my friends and colleagues David B. Thomas, CC Chapman, and Ann Handley, on the topic of Creating Killer Content Marketing. Ann and CC, of course, wrote THE book Content Rules, which you should go buy in triplicate. Read one copy, give one to a friend, and tape the third to a baseball bat so that when your stakeholders ask what the value of content is, you can hit them with it.


What I’ll be sharing is what to do with the content, your distribution and activation strategies, as well as measurement. The measurement section you can learn about in Marketing Blue Belt, and the distribution section you can learn about in this micro-webinar on content distribution strategy.

That’s the plan for your content marketing: creation, distribution, activation, and measurement. That’s your strategic blueprint for great content marketing.

If you’re at Salesforce Connections, I hope to see you there!

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