Are you my next Marketing Technology Account Manager?

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One of the cliches I rather dislike is “That’s a good problem to have!”. As Chancellor Palpatine said once, “Good is a point of view,”. A good problem to have is still a problem, and I’ve got a problem you might be able to solve.

At SHIFT Communications, my problem is too many great clients and not enough great people on my team. Perhaps you can help me solve that problem. I’m specifically looking for a marketing management superhero to join my team in Boston.

What sort of person is this superhero?

You’d have Superman’s amazing speed capabilities to solve problems very quickly:


(ignore the fact that basic physics makes this movie plot resolution completely absurd)

You’d have Batman’s deep knowledge of tricks and tools to get the job done:


You’d have Jean Grey’s remarkable mental acuity to see to the heart of any situation and instantly know what someone else was thinking:


Telekinesis is a nice-to-have additional skill.

You’d have Wolverine’s infinite resilience to shoulder the toughest burdens and heal immediately, no matter how rough a situation you faced:


You’d have James Bond’s coolness under pressure and charisma to handle any kind of personality without getting personally involved:


(because really, as Ian Fleming wrote him, Bond is basically a sociopath)

Finally, you’d have Rogue’s ability to instantly learn and adapt others’ talents to your own, because while you may not have all the answers, you know how to get them:


If combining this army of superpowers sounds like it could be you, then I’d encourage you to apply for the job of Marketing Technology Account Manager in SHIFT’s Boston office.

Just click here to apply!

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