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As many others are, I’ll be attending and speaking at Social Media Marketing World. If you’d like to talk about how I and SHIFT Communications can help your company with all things social (especially measurement, analytics, and down-funnel marketing), data-driven public relations, come find me and say hello!


Evening reception on the USS Midway. Look for the guy avoiding crowds and instead checking out World War II weaponry. I anticipate being difficult to find.


Invisible in the morning. Floating around during the afternoon. If you want to say hello, any time in the afternoon is fine, just tweet at @cspenn.


8 AM Keynote with Mark Schaefer, Guy Kawasaki, and Mari Smith. We’ll be talking whether content is killing social media or vice versa.

10:45 AM in Seaport H, How to use analytics to predict future social media marketing opportunities. This is my solo talk on predictive analytics. You’ll walk out knowing some brand new ways to use tools that you already own or can afford out of pocket.

11:45 AM in Seaport C, I’ll be moderating a panel with Susan Beebe, Dan Gingiss, and Chuck Hemann titled, “How to measure what matters and communicate it to the execs, managers, and the front line”. To be perfectly honest, I won’t be saying much in this session. Why? Because I despise the uncommon but annoying panel moderators who think it’s their job to talk for half the panel’s time because they couldn’t earn a solo session. The moderator’s there mainly to end fights and/or fill dead time when the audience fails to ask questions.

Hope to see you there! If you want to chat but for some reason can’t get a hold of me, contact me through SHIFT.

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