Grow your website traffic by 20% with one Google Analytics report

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What would you be willing to pay for 20% growth in your marketing numbers? How much profit would that represent?

Where would you go to find 20% growth?

In Google Analytics, you’ll always experience a long tail of traffic sources. Here’s a look at mine:


Above, you see that the top 2 sources represent more than 50% of my incoming traffic. The top 10 sources represent 80% of the traffic. Following the 4/50 rule would mean spending most of my time improving the first two traffic sources, and that’s indeed where I spend a fair amount of my effort.

That said, there comes a point where optimization delivers diminishing returns. There’s only so much more I can do to improve organic search before the ROI becomes negative. Where else could I seek growth?

The final wedge, the final 21% of my site’s traffic is the undiscovered country. There are hundreds of websites sending me a handful of visitors every day. What’s down there?

All_Traffic_-_Google_Analytics 2.jpg

Above, we see lots of variety. Two different localized versions of Google are sending traffic my way, on either side of the Maginot Line. We see some traffic from the parent company of SMMW15, where I’m speaking next month. I see a couple of sites I don’t recognize, and some traffic from my friend Chris Brogan.

What might you do with this information? If you see sites you haven’t worked with in a while, go re-establish contact. See if you can create something for them that would be relevant and send you more traffic.

See lots of international traffic from particular regions? Consider a localization option on your content. Hire translators to make your content readable in other languages.

Got a conference in there you haven’t thought about in a while? Find out if it’s still in business and if they’re accepting speaking proposals.

While it’s not the best use of your time to always be trolling the bottom 20% of your traffic generators, it’s worth an occasional look. You never know what easy wins might be hiding in there from time to time. There might be a referring site that could leap from bottom 20% to top 80% with just a few emails.

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  1. Great information. Always some gems in the lower half.

    PS: The links on the images are broken.

    1. Thanks – looks like flickr permissions reverted to private. All squared away!

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