You can’t sell airplanes in AdWords

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How much risk does your product or service entail?

Some products have low risk to them. A consumer can try a different flavor of gum at low risk. A B2B vendor can order a new kind of thumb drive at low risk.

Other products are riskier. Signing a new marketing agency can be risky, especially if they demand an unbreakable annual contract. Buying a new CRM is risky. Selecting a college is risky.

As risk increases, our willingness to take a leap of faith diminishes. Our buyer’s remorse for a new brand of soda lasts only as long as it takes for us to spit it out and throw it away. We’re comfortable making that leap. Our buyer’s remorse for a house, a car, or a college can last our entire lives, so making that leap requires much more trust.

If our willingness to take a leap of faith declines as risk increases, why do we ask people to take big leaps in our marketing?

For example, I’ve seen AdWords ads trying to convince people to buy a new SaaS-based service right in the ad. Click here and buy now, only $1499 a month! I’ve seen auto dealers run banner ads with eCommerce hooks in them. These are risky transactions!

The higher the risk, the higher you need to aim in the funnel to get any kind of conversion. Got a new pack of gum? You can ask for the sale inside an email or with a media placement. Got a new college? You can’t even ask for a lead. You’ve got to start by building awareness and trust.

You’re not going to sell an airplane in AdWords.

Take a careful look at the advertising and marketing you’re doing and place yourself in your buyer’s shoes. How much risk are you asking them to take? If you don’t know, assume that the leap of faith is greater than you believe it is. The reality is that as marketers, we have great difficulty thinking like our audience. To mitigate that, we’ll need to experiment by marketing higher up in the funnel.


If you’re currently running transactional campaigns, experiment with lead or list generation campaigns. If you’re running lead generation campaigns, try branding campaigns. If you’re currently running branding campaigns, try awareness campaigns.

Measure with care! You may find that the higher-level campaign performs much better than your existing campaigns. That might mean that your product or service is riskier to your buyers than you believe it is.

Risk, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. We can’t tell our buyers that we’re less risky than their current choices. We can only market to them in the way they’re most receptive to our message.

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