How do you know whether your marketing analytics is effective?

What’s the top sign of an ineffective marketing analytics program?

It isn’t ROI. It isn’t increased sales volume.

Let Batman give you the answer:

Batman Begins

The top sign of bad marketing analytics: you never do anything with the data you collect or the analysis you perform.

You build a model, you deliver a report, and it sits on a shelf. No one acts on the data or analysis. No one makes any changes. No one even tests anything. After you walk out of your reporting meeting, you have no deliverables and no deadlines. In the short term, that may not be a bad thing, but in the long term, it means your job is non-essential.

If your marketing analytics end up as shelfware, you’re doing one of two things wrong:

1. You’re not measuring anything that matters to your stakeholders, or
2. You’re presenting information that your stakeholders cannot understand.

Either situation results in inaction.

Change what you measure, or change how you explain your measurement, and you’ll take the first steps towards a marketing analytics program that delivers real impact.

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