Announcing Almost Timely Jobs!

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One of the ways I’ve been looking to make both my website and my newsletter more interesting is to include a scalable means of connecting people who have work with people who are looking for work. The economy is tough enough as it is, and our little community of digital marketers, data nerds, and friends should be able to help each other out.

Get hired!

As such, I am pleased to officially open up the Almost Timely Jobs Board on this website. As jobs become available, you’ll be able to find them and apply (or at least go to the company’s official application page) right here. For individuals looking for work, the jobs board is completely free to use. For companies looking to post jobs, there is a huge anti-spam fee of US$7 to post a job. If you’re a verified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, e-mail me via my contact form and I will be happy to put up your job for free. (be sure to include your Guidestar/Charity Navigator URL in your email)

Why a jobs board when there are so many other jobs boards and services? I’d like to think that the community, our community, has some collective traits to it that are unique. People who follow this blog, subscribe to my newsletter, and belong to this community – like you – are by default smarter than the average bear (or the average marketer) simply for being here. Thus, the people looking for work should be a little smarter than average, and the companies offering work should have slightly more interesting work than average.

Please give it a try, and let me know what you think of it:

See all current openings

Post a new job opening

I’d love to hear your feedback as well in the comments.

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One response to “Announcing Almost Timely Jobs!”

  1. Tim Barton Avatar
    Tim Barton

    Hey CSP, this is a great idea! Niche job boards….love it!

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