Social media marketing was so 2011, wasn’t it? Not according to LinkedIn, which said that Social Media Marketing was the #1 hottest skill hired for in 2013:


How can this be, you ask? 2013 was the year of content marketing, wasn’t it? Well… yes, inside the digital marketing fishbowl, absolutely. But outside of the digital marketing fishbowl, in regular corporate boardrooms and office parks, social media marketing is still catching on.


For those of you who are not math nerds, social media marketing appears to be at or close to the head of its bell curve, at mass adoption. The majority of people understand that it exists, that it’s a thing, and that it’s important to their businesses. By contrast, content marketing is still young and early in its growth. It’s accelerating, to be sure, but it’s still early days.

For perspective, by the way, SEO has clearly peaked, no doubt. It peaked in 2011 in terms of search volume. That said, it still absolutely dwarfs nearly every other search term around marketing tactics in Google Trends:


This is what a mature search term, a mature industry looks like. Is it too late to pioneer anything career-related in SEO? Probably. Is it bad to have on your LinkedIn profile or resume? Definitely not – plenty of people are still searching for it, even if it’s no longer the belle of the ball.

Going into 2014, what skills should you be working on in order to be aligned to search trends and perhaps get the career change you’re looking for as a marketer? The crystal ball would seem to indicate digital marketing and content marketing, with digital being the strongest breakout from the pack.


Good luck, digital marketers. Oh, and I’m hiring for a digital marketing intern at SHIFT, by the way.

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