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Here’s an innovative and useful way to use Pinterest: as a swipe file. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a swipe file, it’s a repository of other great ideas you can turn to for inspiration, especially when you experience creative blocks. Pinterest is an ideal platform for swipe files because of its highly visual, easily shareable nature. Here’s how. First, set up a new board. I rather uncreatively called mine Swipe File.

Christopher Penn (cspenn) on Pinterest

Next, add any collaborators or coworkers you want to have on your board by editing its settings.


Finally, add stuff.

Swipe File

What sorts of things might you add? Maybe you see a great piece of design at a trade show. Snap a photo with your mobile phone, tag it, and load it up to your board. Maybe you see a great Facebook ad. Screenshot it and load it up. Maybe there’s a blog post or two you think is worth sharing with your team to inspire them. Pin it on the board.

What you’ve got is now a living repository of the greatest ideas you’ve come across that you can reference when you need some inspiration for your own creativity. Give it a try!

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2 responses to “Pinteresting Your Swipe File”

  1. Great idea (when you’re out of ideas…). Have you used SpringPad? Not as much a social network, I suppose. But, similar organization of ideas.

  2. Also, I haven’t ventured into the world of Pinterest. Do you personally use it to interact with others or more for entertainment? Or neither? Or both?

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