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I was tinkering with my LinkedIn profile the other day and realized that I’ve been doing SEO in some fashion now for close to 20 years. My first website went up in 1994 and back then, SEO was all keyword stuffing, all the time (veterans, remember white text on a white background in 1996?), and Yahoo was the only game in town. Then came Altavista, and then Google a few years later.

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Throughout that time, one enduring rule has powered SEO, one rule that is as close to timeless as anything in our industry can be called such:

Create stuff that people want to share.

Look at how all of the search algorithms have changed over time, from the three-way wars with Altavista, Yahoo, and Google early on to today and what search engines value. Look at how newer forms of search, from mobile to Facebook Graph Search to Twitter all work. Everything works on the same fundamental idea that a useful search provides some form of value, and that value is indicated by people sharing. Inbound links are nothing more than a technical indicator of shareworthy content. Mentions on Twitter are an indicator of share worthy content.

Even the newest twist in SEO, where the person is part of the ranking factor (and their content over time is ranked higher) is still rooted in this fundamental idea, that they are creating stuff that other people want to share.

When people find value in your stuff, when people share your stuff, you immunize yourself against SEO algorithm changes better than any other tactic you could do in the short-term. Every algorithm in search in the last two decades has at its heart been about finding the good stuff, and as long as you’re creating it, you will do well in the long term search marketing game. If you’re going to invest money in search marketing, invest it in content creators that make brilliant, amazing, funny, helpful, inspirational, or insightful content.

Create stuff that people want to share.

For the most part, the rest will attend to itself.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I was just talking about white text on a white background and other awful practices on Friday.

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