Bottom of the cup

For folks doing the December rewind, you’re now nearing the end of the really good content and starting in on the pretty good content. Chances are, people who you weren’t connected to earlier in the year are seeing your best stuff for the first time and responding accordingly, which is a great way to showcase what you’re all about. So here’s a brain bender for you. Go back into your analytics and look at the year, but now sort your page views in ascending order.

What’s in the bottom of your content barrel? Are those posts just unseen because you hit bad timing? Are those posts stinkers that you probably shouldn’t have blogged? In looking at my 5 bottom of the barrel posts, one’s a full promotion, three are “phone-ins” where I basically blogged that I wasn’t blogging that day, and one was such inside baseball for Warcraft players that it wasn’t obvious what the value was for the non-Warcraft reader.

What are the lessons from my bottom of the barrel posts?

Going forward, I think it’s safe to basically never do a “not blogging” post because it doesn’t get any attention anyway. Warcraft posts need to have more obvious value in the headlines, and promotional posts… well, I suppose it’s a good thing that I don’t have a whole lot to sell, because it doesn’t resonate terribly well as standalone content.

What have you learned from the bottom of your barrel?

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