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Shift happens

Shift happens.

After 3 years in the email marketing industry, I’m departing WhatCounts as Director of Inbound Marketing and moving over to SHIFT Communications as Vice President, Marketing Technology.

Why the change? For almost a decade, I have been focused on the bottom half of the sales and marketing funnel. From the moment someone comes into the audience – via search, newsletter subscription, PPC, etc. – I’ve developed ways of converting them into prospects, leads, customers, and evangelists. I’ve got a fairly good handle on the process and have now replicated it for 3 different companies with good results.

The question that has been nagging me in the past few years, however, is this: how do people figure out you exist in the first place? In the past, I’ve viewed things like awareness, brand building, and PR as unquantifiable wastes of time, but I now view that as ignorance on my part, rather than being inherently flawed marketing mechanisms. How do people find out about you? Sure, you can buy lists and spam the daylights out of folks, but that has relatively little ROI. I realized that for all of the bad pitches I’ve received (and there have been so, so many) there must still be some value to brand building, PR, and awareness or that entire industry would have ceased to exist a long time ago.

My mission, my quest if you will, is to figure out the top half of the marketing funnel. What effect does brand advertising have? What effect does PR have? What effect does brand building have? Most important how do you quantify it? How do you assess it objectively, intelligently, and efficiently so that you can pick the mechanisms that will work best for your company and grow the audience so that you can then use lead generation, demand generation, conversion, and all of the marketing tools that I’m comfortable with.

To the PR world, I’ll be helping SHIFT offer my services to existing and future clients. If you’ve ever wanted to have me look at your marketing funnel or your marketing strategy, audit it, and give you a plan of action to fix things up, I’ll be offering that through SHIFT now. If you’ve ever wondered if your analytics are telling you the right information and delivering real value to you, I’ll be offering that through SHIFT now, too. Ever wanted a social media marketing agency? SHIFT can do that and you get me as a bonus. Everything you’ve come to know me for isn’t going away – rather, it’s being connected with the top half of the funnel as I learn and become proficient in it, in my quest to learn the totality of the marketing profession.

I invite you to join me as the quest continues! Want to work with me at SHIFT? Click here to let me know!

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