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When I first started working with Blue Sky Factory, I noticed something peculiar about the company’s Twitter favorites. It wasn’t actual favorite tweets at all – it was instead a collection of praise the company had received online. This was the brainchild of DJ Waldow, the community manager, and what started effectively as a content management system (because Twitter doesn’t provide search outside of a 2 week window) has become one of my favorite sales and marketing tools.

Twitter / cspenn's Favorites

Here’s why this is powerful. In many ways, it’s just like recommendations on LinkedIn: a public set of testimonials and endorsements that other people have given you. What makes it more powerful to me than LinkedIn is that it’s a pile of tweets: very short, very compact praise that you can easily aggregate and show to any prospective customer. They can see for themselves just how many people think highly of your company (or you), and do so quickly through a very fast scan. For individual sales people and marketers, you can favorite any tweet you want, so if you don’t want to leverage a company’s entire collection of positive tweets, you can always favorite just a subset and showcase those.

Want to kick it up a notch? Take the raw text of your Twitter favorites page, clean it up a bit, and feed it to Wordle. (the process for preparing text for Wordle is outlined in this blog post)

Wordle - Create

Now you’ve got an idea of what words people are consistently using to praise you or your organization. Start using those words in your marketing materials instead of your standard marketing-speak, because what other people say about you now will resonate with the experience prospective customers should have with you.

Kick it up another notch! Using the SimplePie PHP library, add your Twitter favorites to your blog and suddenly you’ve got a curated feed of nice things people have said about you or your company available right on your website:

Christopher S. Penn's Awaken Your Superhero

You’ve earned the praise already. Take these powerful methods of aggregating it and displaying it so that it can work for you to land new business, reassure and reinforce your value to existing business, and help grow your business reputation even more.

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