Layer your marketing like a BLT

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When was the last time you ate a BLT in which the lettuce, tomato, and bacon were kept on discrete portions of the bread?

Chances are you’ve never had a sandwich like that, and probably never will unless you make it yourself. No, the BLT you’re accustomed to having probably looks a lot like this:


There’s the lettuce for texture. The tomato for the natural source of glutamic acid and zing. The bacon for saltiness and umami. The mayonnaise to bind ingredients to the bread and provide more umami flavor. The bread toasted for a nutty flavor. The ideal sandwich has each ingredient in balance, layered together so that you get all of the textures and flavors in every bite.

That should be your marketing strategy in a nutshell. Strangely, as marketers, we still serve the ingredients of a marketing BLT separately. PPC is kept away from social, which is kept away from direct mail, which never touches the email marketing. It’s a recipe not only for marketing failure, but also a crappy sandwich.

All of our marketing tools and methods are designed to work together. They function best together, capturing and driving attention. Let me outline what I do personally so that you can see how the pieces of the sandwich create a greater experience.

  • Each day I blog, or try to. That’s content marketing.
  • Each day I recommend other things I’m reading in #the5. That’s content curation. The curation part, unsurprisingly, also mentions my content, so there’s one avenue of reinforcement.
  • Each day I participate in conversations and reply to comments. That’s community, and it reinforces the content and the curation.
  • Each week I wrap up the content, curation, and community in my email marketing. That reinforces everything over the past week.

Each ingredient does not stand alone. Each ingredient contributes to and reinforces the other ingredients.

Every time you choose a new marketing medium or channel, figure out how it can reinforce all of your existing efforts, layered with them, so that you get greater gains and returns from the synergy than from just using the channel alone. Serve your marketing sandwich neatly prepared with everything working together, and you’ll get some darned tasty results. Serve each ingredient separately, in ignorance of the others, and you’ll have a deeply unsatisfying sandwich with equally unsatisfying results.

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