Food for thought: old scandals become new again on Facebook Timeline

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Are you a brand on Facebook?

Have you had… incidents… in the past that might paint your company in a poor light, even if you’ve changed things up and learned your lessons?

This might be a good time to clean up your Wall and archive/delete older stuff. Why?

Christopher Penn (92)

Don’t think for a moment that Timeline isn’t coming to your company’s Page. Every old scandal will be new again.

Start cleaning NOW.

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One response to “Food for thought: old scandals become new again on Facebook Timeline”

  1. Amanda Marie Pingel Ramsay Avatar
    Amanda Marie Pingel Ramsay

    Sorry to ask what I’m sure is a stupid question, but can someone tell me what Facebook Timeline is? (Or more accurately, can someone give me a link where I can find out?)  I somehow missed this announcement entirely….

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