Announcing new affiliate partner, the SSL Store

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This post was updated to reflect that Facebook’s deadline is October 1, not October 14.

Small Square (200 x 200)As you may or may not know, Facebook will be requiring all custom App developers to have SSL certificates installed on their Facebook Apps in order to be published as of October 1, 2011. This is going to break a lot of apps, particularly those made by folks looking for simple things such as Like Gates and custom landing pages.

I’m pleased to offer stupidly cheap SSL certificates from Comodo, Verisign, GeoTrust, and more through a new affiliate partnership with the SSL Store. For as little as 30 per year, you can meet Facebook’s requirements for digital certificates on your Apps. My recommendation is Comodo’s Essential SSL Certificate for30. Any Facebook Page owner should be able to spring for that.

Once you’ve purchased an SSL certificate for your Facebook App, you’ll need to install it on your web server or have your web hosting provider install it for you. A list of instructions for installing these certificates can be found here.

Note that this change doesn’t affect regular Facebook Pages themselves, only those Pages which have developed a custom App of some kind (like a Like Gate).

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    Does this mean that the gate I just installed will be affected?

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