The Superheroes of tomorrow are at today's PodCampsThink for a moment about the defining characteristic of the superhero. Pick a few. Batman, Superman, Professor X, take your pick.

What binds them all together?

Their moral choice to use their powers for the greater good.

  • Superman could flat out rule the entire planet and there wouldn’t be a damned thing anyone could do about it if he chose otherwise. Instead, he willingly forfeits infinite profit, dominance, and rule for using his powers to everyone else’s benefit.
  • Bruce Wayne could do exactly as so many wealthy do today: live the good life, and let Gotham burn. Why work to save the city that murdered his parents? Instead, he sticks his neck out – literally – every night to make Gotham a better place.
  • Professor X could rule the world as well. Cerebro plus his own powers could simply have him mind control everyone, and we’d all be living happily under his thumb. Instead, he chooses to help others reach their potential instead.

One of the discussions at PodCamp Boston 6 was the dilution of labels, how things like “social media expert” and “social media guru” are effectively meaningless. Some people have even used “social media superhero”. Let me put it in blunt terms: superhero is not a term you ever get to legitimately apply to yourself. It’s what others refer to you as and you’re probably the last to get the memo because you’re too busy trying to make the world a better place with your powers. If you want to be a superhero, start by losing yourself entirely in your quest to better the world even at great personal risk and expense.

You know what we call the guy running around for their own glory at everyone else’s expense, making claims he can’t back up, using other people, and trying to claw his way to the top?

The villain.

Don’t be that guy.

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