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Water Bottle

As I was prepping for a marathon of flights in the Austin airport, I took notice of a bottled water vendor (Thunder Cloud) that had a small bowl of neatly cut lemon wedges at the register. They were perfectly sized for the bottles they sell and probably cost the vendor a couple of dollars a day and about 5 minutes to prepare, but was I ever thankful for them. That tiny little lemon wedge made the water so much better for the 7 hours of flying time ahead.

Little thing, big impact. Am I likely to do business with them again? You bet. Even if the stand across the hall is a few cents cheaper, they don’t have lemon wedges at their register. I’ll go buy another bottle of water at Thunder Cloud instead.

What little things do you do in your business that offer quality of life improvements for your customers but take very little to do on your part?

What little things could you be doing that you aren’t?

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