4 Steps To Awaken Your Superhero Power

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Incredible HulkYou are a superhero.

My bet is that you can’t leap buildings in a single bound. I have a feeling that you can’t fly. It’s unlikely that you can make yourself invisible. You may have 20/20 vision (or better), but chances are its not X-ray vision.

But, you are a superhero.

Comic book superheroes possess a some type of super-human strength or power, often used to protect and/or “save the day.” (at least the good ones do). Real life superheroes have a unique power or strength that drives them to happiness and/or success. I guarantee there is something you know, something you do, a skill you have that is incredible. Something that is awesome. Something that makes you rise to the top, stand above the rest.

The challenge, of course, is to awaken your superhero power.

4 Steps To Awaken Your Superhero Power

Below are 4 suggested steps to awaken the superhero that lives within you.

1. Determine what drives you.

Take out a piece of paper and a pen (or the online equivalent). Write down the 10 things that you could not live without. These can be material (i.e., iPhone) and/or intangible (i.e., your family).

***It is important that you do not read ahead. I know it’s tempting, but write down that list of 10 before continuing.***

Ok. Now, take that list and eliminate half of it. What remains are the 5 things you can not live without.

Now, the hardest part: Remove 2 more. If you’ve followed the directions, you’ll have a list of 3 things/people you can’t live without. Look at this list. Study it. These 3 things are the most important things in your life. They are what drive you. My bet is there is a person (family, friend, significant other, etc) on that list. Be sure that whatever you do in life, the things &/or people on this list play a critical role.

2. Uncover, then play to your strengths.

The first part of this is a blog post eBook novel in and of itself. However, once you’ve determined what you are good at, focus on it. Craft your skill. Work on improving it. Don’t waste your time on stuff you are not good at. To be clear, I’m not suggesting that you don’t try to learn new things; I’m saying that your time may be better spent going good to great instead of crappy to better than crappy. Make sense? With the incredible amount of information that is available today and the ease at which one can access it, it can be very easy – even tempting – to try and learn everything. Trust me. I struggle with this too. However, once you’ve figured out what’s important to you (see #1) and what you’re good at, work on becoming the best you can be.

3. Someone will always be smarter than you.

If you are competitive – with others and yourself – and a perfectionist, this one is tough to swallow. I’ve been thinking, eating, breathing, and sometimes sleeping email marketing for nearly 6 years. I think I know quite a bit; however, there are tons of email folks out there who are way smarter than me; others who are better writers, better speakers, better with clients, etc. We are all always learning, but will never 100% perfect our strengths (#3). Someone will always be better. Accept it. Move on.

Also, “smart” is relative. My wife is an Ob/Gyn. She knows a ton about medicine; a ton about women’s health, pregnancy, babies, etc. She is way smarter than me when it comes to this stuff. Is she the smartest Ob/Gyn on the planet? Unlikely. It’s all relative.

4. Have fun.
Let’s face it. Not everyone loves their job. Some of us have things going on in our personal lives that would not fall into the “fun” category. We all have days (weeks?) that suck – both at work and at home. But if you are not having fun, why bother? It may be time to stop and figure out what is missing in your life – in your control – that is preventing you from enjoying it. Life’s too short. Are you really having fun? (Note: There is a video in that blog post showing my wife & I in a wedding “Baby Got Back” dance off. Only watch if you want to smile).

4 Steps To Awaken Your Superhero Power 1DJ Waldow is a knowledge craver, a sponge, and a lover of beer, coffee & people (in no particular order). He is the Director of Community @BlueSkyFactory. and lives in Salt Lake City with his wife (K-Dawg) and 1 year old (@babywaldow). DJ is not only a U of Michigan, alum, but also a raving fan. He blogs on Social Butterfly Guy.


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  1. Nice work on the article! And I hope when you get home you tell Mrs. Waldow that she is in fact the smartest Ob/Gyn on the planet 🙂

  2. Good stuff, DJ! I am always so energized after I read anything you write, be it a 140 character tweet or a full blog post! Thank you!

  3. Great post, DJ. I’m always so energized after I read anything you’ve written, be it a 140 char tweet or a longer piece like this. You’re better than coffee and you always brighten and inform my day.

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