We All Have It In Us

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It is your fault. That is the simple and blunt answer that far to many of you will never embrace as the truth.

We want more. We crave better. We Lust after what we don’t have but someone near does. We are full of excuses and yet we fail to discover the answer.

I’ve known my whole life that I am cut from a different cloth. I seek out the road less traveled and rise every morning eager to attack the day head on.

I know this because a long time ago I realized that everything I ever wanted was out there for the taking. There are always obstacles, distractions and curves you never see coming. That is the comedy of life.

But, EACH of us has it within ourselves to have all we crave. The trick is turning off the little voice of doubt, the lizard brain that says we can not do it.

Sit down today and pick one goal. A tangible end that can only be reached or not without any gray maybe in it’s success.

Now determine what you will do today towards that goal. What will you spend the next week doing to get closer? Finally, in the next month will you reach it or have established new items to get you closer.

Write these down and find people that will nag, poke and push you to insure you are working towards them. Every time that voice of doubt creeps up in you reach out to one of them to squash it. Can’t reach them? Find a mirror and tell yourself.

We DO in fact have it inside each of us. Even the greatest of people doubt themselves. The best of us train, learn and master how to push beyond, bend the rules in our favor and achieve our dreams.

I am sick of all the doubt in the world because I know you have it in you. I know you can do whatever you desire with enough drive and hard work. Life will NEVER be easy, so stop your complaining, find your cape and soar to whatever sunset you crave.


We All Have It In Us 1

C.C. Chapman is an entrepreneur, speaker and author. His first book Content Rules was released last year and he is the Founder of DigitalDads.comwhere a Dad can be a Guy. He writes, speaks and consults with companies of all sizes to empower them to do better with their marketing dollars.



2 responses to “We All Have It In Us”

  1. Thanks for the motivation! Time to “cowboy up!”

  2. Thanks, C.C. Henry Ford said, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” I’ve learned to let life prove to me that I can’t do something rather than assuming it so before I even try. More often than not, I’m pleasantly surprised! Thanks for this.

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