Marketing White Belt: The Marketing Spirit

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This post is part of the Marketing White Belt series.

One of the hardest things to do in sales and marketing is maintain a strong spirit in the face of adversity. No one knows this better than sales and marketing folks who are routinely rejected, sometimes in the strongest possible terms, on a regular basis by their audience. From doors being slammed in your face (sometimes literally) to widespread condemnation of your ideas, the world of marketing and sales can be brutal.

To take a little of the sting away, there are 3 things you need to have working for you.

Your community. Whether it’s a family, a circle of friends you can hit the pub with, or a social network, you need that community to turn to when the pressure is on, people you can rant to safely and vent off anger and frustration.

Your mission. If you have something worth believing in, some reason for you to get up on the rainiest Monday and race to work, then setbacks will be minor annoyances, speed bumps at worst. You’ve likely been on both ends of this spectrum. When you have something you believe in, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Conversely, when you don’t believe in what you’re doing, even a minor setback can be crushing and deaden your momentum. To the extent that you can, work for an organization that inspires you to believe.

Your indomitable spirit. Believing in yourself and all you are capable is by far the tallest order of the three, but it’s the one thing you can do that, if you master it, can provide you with endless motivation, endless resilience in the face of any setback or failure. How you develop that spirit is up to you. Some people find great meaning in running marathons or climbing mountains, building their spirits through physical challenges to overcome. Some people find great meaning in temples, mosques, churches, and synagogues, bolstering their spirits with faith and practice. Whatever path you choose to a stronger spirit, commit to doing it on a regular basis.

You. Your mission. Your community. If you can get all three working for you together, aligned and charged up, there is no setback in business or anywhere else that you can’t tackle and challenge right back. You won’t always win, but the resilience you gain from your spirit will let you jump back up after falling, ready to punch the next dragon in the face.

This post is part of the Marketing White Belt series.

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