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I had the pleasure of presenting recently to the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council about building strong, large online communities. The discussion ranged from World of Warcraft gaming sites to Marketing Over Coffee to many others, and we reviewed the methods and skills needed to build and grow a community. Instead of using slides, I chose to present off of a mind map. Perhaps one day services like Prezi will allow mind map imports. In the meantime, if you’d like to see the “presentation”, click on the map image below for a full-size version.

Building Community

While the “slide” may not be 100% intuitive, there’s enough on there to see a framework for successful community building.

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3 responses to “Building community”

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    Great mind map, in a way it reminds me of picking talents from pre-Cataclysm World of Warcraft talent trees to build out the most effecient “spec”.



  2. Excellent MindMap Christopher. We are looking at starting an Online Community in the future and you bring up some good points we hadn’t discussed yet. On a side note, what software did you use to create the MindMap. I’ve been meaning to start using these and looking for any recommendations you might have.

    1. I use Mindnode for the Mac. One of my favorites.

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