Both Chris Brogan and I have exhorted you recently to make the most of this quietest week of the  year when everyone else has checked out. Here’s the corollary to those bold statements. If you’re looking at starting something new or adding to your team for 2011, if you’re looking to hire, grow, or otherwise expand your business, then this week is also really important.

It’s how you tell who the hard hitters are.

I got an email from one of my sales team on Monday morning, bright and early. They said the office was as deserted as a graveyard. It would have been easy for them to check out, head out, and throw it in, but they’re working instead to make business happen. I certainly took note.

Take notice of who’s still on the clock this week and why, especially if they don’t have to be. Pay attention to who is still blogging and Twitter accounts, to metrics that matter internally and to people who are still feeding the machine. Pay attention to who’s working when in all honesty you don’t have to. The noise of normal daily life and the loudest voices that normally fill the air with “activity” (as opposed to productivity) are silent for this week. Listen carefully and you’ll uncover the true power players in your networks and organizations.

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