Racing ahead: the final week of the year

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The period between December 25 and January 1 is generally considered to be a giant black hole of productivity. Everyone’s off. Everyone’s away. No calls are being returned, no emails answered. Business to business folks have basically given up, and consumers are out scouring for after-Christmas shopping deals, not answering your summons to commerce unless you’re talking 75% off. No one’s home.

It’s the single greatest opportunity you have all year to get things done.

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If there are projects that are sitting on your plate that require a day or two of concentrated work, stuff that doesn’t tolerate interruption well (analysis, writing, etc.), this is the week to do it! If you use any kind of scheduling software like Tungle or Exchange calendars, block off the entire week as unavailable. If you’ve got messages piled up in your inbox, burn them down!

The hardest challenge you’ll face is being distracted by yourself. Keep your phone, IM, and Tweetdeck off after the Christmas holiday and get things done. If you need a methodology, go back and watch the 10-2-5 burndown method videos and re-watch Inbox Zero.

Got a set of resolutions for the New Year? Use the week as a practice run to see whether they’re sustainable so that you’re already in motion, so that you already have momentum, going into 2011. You may find you need to adapt, adjust, or change and you’ll spare yourself the disappointment of abandoned resolutions with your week of practice.

Enjoy the void week between Christmas and New Year’s!

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