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As I wrote on the Blue Sky Factory blog today, it’s Labor Day, a great opportunity to not only celebrate friends and family, but to also take a few minutes to help out someone you know who is looking for work. These days, with the unemployment rate knocking on the 10% door (and underemployment significantly higher), there are plenty of people who are exceptionally talented but can’t find a place to call home. It’s not the scrubs or the lazy that can’t find a job – it’s millions of people.

So to do my part, which is a bit more than 5 minutes, I want to take a few moments to tell you about someone I’ve had a chance to work with in a volunteer capacity for years upon years now, a guy most known for two things: his reliability and his hat.

Steve Sherlock
Photo Credit: Whitney Hoffman

Enter Steve Sherlock, of Franklin, Massachusetts. Former director of project management for some of the largest corporations in New England (Fidelity and Unisys), he’s been a reliable face at PodCamp Boston nearly since its inception. While I never worked with Steve at Fidelity or Unisys, I’ve worked with him at nearly every xCamp in New England that he’s been a part of. If you’ve been to a PodCamp and seen this hat, you’ve seen Steve.

He’s a master of his trade, which unfortunately is supremely unsexy: making things happen, getting things done. While most volunteer events would be lucky to be able to find their own bottoms with two hands, a flashlight, and a team of five, it’s folks like Steve, coordinating organizer conference calls, transcribing meeting notes, coordinating teams of volunteers at events, and working in the trenches on game day that make things happen. And this is on a volunteer basis, with no pay, no compensation, no reward except to see an event you care about happen smoothly. Imagine what he’s capable of for things that actually matter, like your business.

Here’s the part where you come in.

I know Steve’s hitting all the channels – he’s on LinkedIn, Twitter, his own blog, etc. But in this economy, that’s not enough. I’d like your help in helping him find a Boston-area company that is desperately starving for good operations and project management on an ongoing basis, a company that currently lacks reliability internally and needs a rock to build on.

Help me connect Steve with that company in and around the Greater Boston area. If you’ve worked with Steve in the past (and many of you have), please forward his profile to the hiring managers you know. If you’re a hiring manager, take a careful read of his recommendations, because you’ll notice a consistent theme: not just smart, but rock-solid reliable, a rare trait these days.

Who will you help on Labor Day?

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    Wow! I am humbled Chris. This is very much appreciated.

  2. Wow. That’s an awesome endorsement. I have no doubt some clueful company in the Boston area will pick Steve up.

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