Are you hiring a social media strategist?

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Are you looking to hire a social media strategist? Take your social media strategist job description and replace the words social media with military.

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Think about that for a second.

How silly would it look for the US Army to advertise for the position of Field Commander by saying:

Wanted: someone who can talk a lot, tweet, monitor the battlefield and comment about it, blog some, and help boost our overall reputation in the trenches.

Is it more likely that the US Army, if it advertised for a Field Commander, would have a job description that reads like:

Must be able to win battles with overwhelming force and create decisive victories.

What if you’re not sure what victory is in social media? You might be in trouble. A lot of trouble. Consider clarifying that before you hire someone.

Is social media strategy as clear cut as military strategy? It’d better be if you want to win anything.

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Are you hiring a social media strategist? 1 Are you hiring a social media strategist? 2 Are you hiring a social media strategist? 3

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2 responses to “Are you hiring a social media strategist?”

  1. Amusing that you should be on this today, when I was on this:

    We reduce our liability through specificity. It’s a wonder that consideration gets so little airtime.

  2. Beautiful, Chris! I get puzzled looks when friends see military strategy books on my bookshelf, but glad to know you wouldn’t!

    Oh, and marketing strategists should be damn good chess players.

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