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Get out a sheet of paper, totally blank. Go sit by yourself somewhere, no technology anywhere nearby.

Now remember the most important visual marketing campaign you did this year so far. Maybe it was a flyer. Maybe it was an email campaign. Maybe it was a new web site design or redesign.

Draw it from memory on the page.

Class notes

Now go back to your computer and compare your drawing to the actual campaign.

  • Did you remember the calls to action?
  • Did you remember the design?
  • Did you remember the content?
  • Did you remember nothing at all except vague ideas?

If you were the manager of Old Spice, would you be able to sketch out Isaiah Mustafa in the bathroom wearing a towel?

If you are the CEO of your company, were you able to draw at least the homepage of your web site and its main call to action?

If you didn’t remember anything, then go back and figure out what you need to do to make your campaign more memorable, because if you can’t remember it, for sure your customers and prospects can’t.

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5 responses to “Draw this”

  1. Eric Adechi Avatar
    Eric Adechi

    Wow! I think this method should be applied each time we begin developing a campaign for a client.

  2. There you go encouraging people to be remarkable. I've seen a variation of your exercise embarrass a lot of people before. We were doing usability tests with some higher-ups in the room. Subjects were asked to look at the home page for 10 seconds and then describe as much about the page as possible. Sadly, the home page didn't do so hot. This could be a good objective way to test what you're asking today.

  3. My big takeaway from this is 'complex is the enemy of memorable'. True? Not true?

    That having been said (zing!), I do think that this exercise leaves out the emotional element. I may not remember what the dude who was dying and did his last speech on Oprah was wearing (or even his name), but I can remember feeling inspired, sympathetic, connected. Which should we be focusing on? I'd argue probably some of both.

  4. Great exercise. Simple but effective.

  5. Great little exercise. It was very telling for me!

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