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For my American friends, happy Independence Day!

You are independent, right?

  • You read multiple news sources from around the world, different nations, different viewpoints
  • You read multiple different viewpoints in commentary, even writers whose politics and perspectives you disagree with
  • You listen and watch trending topics in social media broadly as well as have a selected set of trusted friends
  • You use sites like Open Secrets and Bloomberg to follow the money whenever something in the news doesn’t make sense
  • You read a wide variety of blogs on different subject matters across the spectrum
  • You subscribe to as many free trade publications and magazines as practical to see what hot issues are in different industries
  • You do your part to act when you see obvious threats to everyone’s independence and liberty taking place

Independence is as much a state of mind as it is a political state. Celebrate your independence today, and commit to reinforcing and defending it by doing one or more of the above if you don’t already.

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You are independent, right? 1 You are independent, right? 2 You are independent, right? 3

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