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It’s true, as posted in the Twitter API group:

as you’ve all probably noticed, with the world cup going on, twitter is experiencing record load. because of this, we’re moving the oauth switchover date to august 16, 2010.

we want to make sure that you all have calm waters to test your new codebases where you’re not dealing with whales, robots, and whatnot. with the world cup ending on july 11th, you will all have over a month’s time of calm waters and site stability to finish the switch over. also, with the vast majority of media providers already switched over to OAuth Echo, you now also have an additional month of time to work out your integrations with them.

just to review what we’re going to be doing: starting on august 16 we’ll be ramping down the rate limits on basic auth roughly by 10 calls/hour/day ending on august 31st. on the 31st, you won’t be allowed to make any other basic auth calls. in other words, if you don’t do anything, you’ll get more and more frequent rate limit errors as you approach august 31st. starting on august 31st, any basic auth request will get a HTTP 403 response back. as always, please reach out if there are any questions or concerns. for those who have already switched over, thanks!

So grab your vuvuzela and celebrate – you have another month or so before the Twitpocalypse.

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Twitpocalypse postponed due to vuvuzelas 1 Twitpocalypse postponed due to vuvuzelas 2 Twitpocalypse postponed due to vuvuzelas 3

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