I listen to a ton of music during the workday to help me power through stuff, especially when I need an extra boost of energy, creativity, or motivation. Since a number of people have asked, here are some of the albums I recommend. Most are either in foreign languages or lyric-free, because the language processing side of your brain is a serial processor. This means it can handle one language stream well, but can’t multiprocess well – so a song with lyrics that you understand is likely to slow you down and reduce your productivity, rather than boost it, if you’re doing anything else involving words (like email). As an added bonus, music without lyrics is guaranteed not to offend anyone in your workplace.

All of the albums are affiliate links that pay me a commission via Amazon.com. (come on, did you expect any less?) Most of the albums are in MP3 format for any player including iTunes/iPod and anything that will support an MP3. Some are physical CDs.

See a larger version here.

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