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Last night I had the opportunity to attend Radian6’s Rockstars of Social CRM. Interesting event. The panel discussion was mostly on interaction with customers, but all of the side conversations throughout the night made it absolutely epic. Some highlights:

Radian6 Rockstars of Social CRM

Talking with Olivier Blanchard about the ultimate evolution of social media and speculating what true mastery of communications looks like.

Geeking out with Dan York over yet even more new stuff about Google Wave, including rich media in Waves and Wavelets. Incredible. Stay tuned as he’ll have a video we recorded about what Wave will make possible that’s beyond our ability to grasp yet.

Chris Brogan going gangsta.

Radian6 Rockstars of Social CRM

Talking with Chris Newton about some of the new back-end features of Radian6’s integration with Salesforce. Honestly, I’m not sure they even fully get what they’ve created, but if they’re both lucky and good, they’re going to manufacture a bucket of money. We’ll see if the idea discussed over dinner can turn them from a million dollar category business to a billion dollar category business. Let’s hope they do.

Hanging out with the Boston social media crowd.

Radian6 Rockstars of Social CRM

The true power of events like this isn’t even in the entertainment or the presentation, but in putting lots of very smart people in one room and letting the chips fall where they may. Last night, as long as folks were paying attention and studying carefully what was being demo’ed, everyone was dealt a flush hand. If you were there, I hope you took advantage of the amazing conversations and know what the future looks like for the next 12-18 months in social media.

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Rockstars of conversation 1 Rockstars of conversation 2 Rockstars of conversation 3

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