Five Step Method of Protecting Yourself From Negative Influences : Thursdays

Thursday is about mental focus. Correct thought, in the traditional sense, means thinking clearly, unimpeded by runaway distractions of every kind. Clear your mind if your schedule permits, and grab your media library. Indulge in a short movie clip, song, or personal saying that emphasizes clarity of thought. Perhaps you have a detective hero who always sees the solution ahead, or maybe there’s a movie clip that epitomizes insight, an a-ha moment that never fails to inspire you.

On Thursday, look for things in your life that focused thought can solve. Is there a particularly difficult problem that demands your focus? Is there an issue on your mind that requires diamond-like clarity of vision and thought? Work to create a situation for yourself in which you think best.

At a bare minimum, go dark. Turn off phones, instant messengers, email and calendar reminders, close your door, or even leave your office. If you think best while moving, take the time to go for a walk, to get away from the distractions and diversions of your regular places. Head to a quiet coffee shop or a calming park bench. Bring with you a paper notepad and pen to jot down your thoughts as you have them.

Take time throughout the day and night to shield your mind from distracting influences. Leave the television off for the day, shut off your phone when you arrive home, and avoid pointless agitation from things like news programs. Instead, use the day and evening to fill your mind with useful mental materials. Read a thought-provoking book, or go out to dinner and drinks with a friend you always enjoy rigorous, healthy discussion with.

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