Five Step Method of Protecting Yourself From Negative Influences : Wednesdays

Wednesday is about communication. Correct communication, in the traditional sense, means speaking with purpose. Clear your mind if your schedule permits, and grab your media library. Indulge in a short movie clip, song, or personal saying that emphasizes ways of communicating effectively, powerfully, and helpfully. Maybe it’s a romantic clip from a favorite movie or a moving speech from an orator. Perhaps it’s part of an audio book or a memorable sermon from your religious service. Pick a communication example that shows communication that makes a difference, that inspires and helps.

On Wednesday, look for things in your life that effective communication can make better. Are there a few emails in your inbox that have been waiting for replies? Hit Reply and boldly solve the problem. Is there a friend or family member you keep meaning to call? Pick up the phone! Is there a meeting you’ve been less than enthusiastic about attending? Go, and go with the intent of contributing as much as possible to it.

Speak willfully and powerful on Wednesday to make the world just a little bit better. Leave a truthful but kind comment on someone’s blog. Write a letter to a political figure promoting a positive change you wish to see become reality in the world. Consider mentoring someone in your workplace or community, helping them become better.

Guard your speech as well. Look for opportunities to reduce the negative things you say and write, and slowly whittle those out of your vocabulary.

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